Pyramid supported me through a fulfilling journey as a mentor. Placements were matched to me so authentic connections could be built and sessions were always exciting and rewarding. Pyramid mentoring sessions were arranged around my availability so I could study alongside my job, the team are very accommodating, understanding and helpful. Every day was different which enriched my life in a unique and special way. 
Tyler, age 16 
Before I had mentoring I needed more support. Now, I feel confident in what I’m achieving inside and outside of college. I’ve started to be more open to other people and I have learnt more about community as well as started a part time job. 
I have a really strong interest in helping people achieve best outcomes. 
Pyramid mentoring has given me the opportunity to engage with mentees from different backgrounds and lifestyles. 
Communication is strong, supporting you when required, celebrating every win, no matter how small! 
Every placement is unique and presents me with challenges which I approach with an open mind and a positive outlook. 
Social Worker 
Great communication with the team and a proactive approach. 
A lot achieved in challenging circumstances. 
Daniela - home mentor 
My time spent working for Pyramid Mentoring was hugely rewarding in many ways, and my role challenged me in ways I hadn't been challenged before. 
When I found myself looking for a new role opportunity I came across Pyramid Mentoring. Given my experience in predominantly marketing and communications, I believed my abilities would be well suited to a role supporting others, and I wasn't wrong.  
Through helping to improve the interpersonal and communication skills of my mentee, I saw my own abilities improve also. These are now abilities that benefit me in both my personal and professional life. 
Furthermore, seeing someone transform in front of you by becoming more confident and happy, and knowing you played a part in making that happen, means this role was one of the most rewarding I've ever had. 
Stuart Martin, Founder, Ethical Sales Pro. 
I am delighted to be working for Pyramid Mentoring Ltd by engaging and mentoring people who are at risk in the community. 
Pyramid’s approach to provide Outcome focused support means we are working with clients to aid their growth and independence. 
This client centric approach is led by Jay Lee, CEO of Pyramid Mentoring Ltd, and cascades throughout the company. 
Gemma, age 16 
Before I had mentoring I had no direction of where I wanted to go in life. I was anxious around people. I didn’t like the way I looked and worried about how others perceived me. I enjoyed the laughs we had, as well as the honest conversations around myself changing for the better and the progression I made. I now know what I want out of life and the career I want. I am more confident and assertive. I have direction in my life. I know I am a good person now. 
Joe, age 16 
Before I had mentoring I didn’t have any boundaries and did whatever I wanted to. I enjoyed the different variety of activities that we done and the advises that where given to me. 
I now have more confidence and understanding. I’ve learned some new life skills and communication skills, learnt about boundaries and learnt to do everyday things by myself. 
Social Worker 
I would just like to send feedback regarding one of your mentors. 
She has gone over and above what has been expected of her. She has supported the service user in more ways than I asked. 
I have spoken to my service user and it appears having mentoring in place was the best outcome, the situation at home as greatly improved and she has come to really enjoy the sessions. This situation in particular is quite complex. Having a mentoring programme in place that are not afraid of taking on these complex situations is in no doubt a huge benefit to the safeguarding team. 
We as social workers are unable to complete the in depth direct work whereas the mentors are able to spend quality time with the service users and gain positive outcomes. 
I highly recommend pyramid mentoring to any of my colleagues. 
Chris, Enforcement Officer 
I was put in contact with Pyramid as I was lacking confidence in the way I was preforming in my job. 
In my time I Spent with Pyramid Jay helped me to find my confidence not just in my job but within myself. 
He helped me in every aspect of my life and I have improved my relationships with everyone personal and Professional. I can happily say without the help of Jay and Pyramid I would not be where I am today. 
I have so much more confidence in the way I conduct myself. 
Layla, age 16 
Before I had mentoring I felt I was doing really bad in school with my behaviour and didn’t know how to control my anger. I just didn’t care about stuff or know what I wanted out of life. I liked how I could tell my mentor everything and trust her with everything that was bothering me.  
I now know how to control my anger and emotions, whilst expressing them in the right way. I have succeeded staying in school, coming off all reports and completing my exams. My behaviour changed in and out of school and I have enrolled in college. I now know what I want out of life and what I have to do to achieve it. 
Angus, Mentor 
I was initially a bit apprehensive about becoming a mentor, however, after receiving comprehensive training and support from the Pyramid team I felt much more confident in beginning the role.  
Building a relationship with a mentee can be both fulfilling and at times challenging, but seeing someone's circumstance improve and knowing that you have played a part in that is a truly enriching experience. 
Pyramid Mentoring is an organisation that genuinely understands the needs of its clients and strives to provide a service that positively impacts the lives of the people they work with.  
If you are looking for a role in which you can make a real difference, I would thoroughly recommend mentoring with Pyramid. 
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